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Irreverant Scented Candle

A small stock of Low Fell Candle Company candles available for collection from the shop. We have very limited stocks of these (8 of each) and won't be getting any more in this year so it’s first come first served!

  • Carb Binge - smells like the watermelon and cucumber you should have eaten
  • Hungover T.F. - smells like the pina coladas from last night
  • Knackered Parent - smells like the fresh linen you used to have before it got covered in baby sick
  • Grammar Police - smells like a smug flower garden
  • Introvert - smells like a very thoughtful lemon
  • Radge Packet - smells like a citrusy smack round the head
200g candles in a gorgeously packaged tin. They smell amazing!

Pickup only from the shop.

Please note that candles and tree toppers must be purchased separately to all other items to allow us to track our limited inventory.

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