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Angel Tree Topper

We have had loads of inquiries about our angel tree toppers available for collection from November 17th.

All are sparkly on both sides. The large and extra-large have a cone that slots over the top of your tree and a full angel print on the back too. 

  • Medium (£7) sized is a clip with a 15cm wingspan suitable for a large tree decoration or to top a tree under 5ft

  • Large (£14) has an 18cm wingspan and is suitable for a tree up to about 6-7ft.

  • Extra Large (£17) has a 24cm wingspan and is suitable for a massive tree!

These were exceptionally popular last year, particularly the tree clips as they make brilliant gifts that can be posted through letterboxes!

Pickup only from the shop.

Please note that candles and tree toppers must be purchased separately to all other items to allow us to track our limited inventory.

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